What is Raw Food?

Raw food or living food is simply food (fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sea vegetables ..) that is eaten just like it has been given to us by nature, without taking away the goodness  by excessive exposure to heat.
By using gentle techniques of “cooking” in the raw food kitchen, all important nutrients and enzymes are preserved so that the food we eat has much more nutrients and therefore gives us so much more energy. So raw food can benefit everyone  if they incorporate it more into their diet.

Some positive effects of eating more raw food include:

  • Feeling more energetic and full of vitality
  • Being more resistant to diseases
  • Having a healthy, clear skin, bright eyes and a radiant appearance
  • Looking  younger and being more flexible
  • Reaching your ideal weight and easily keeping it
  • Needing less sleep
  • Increased mental clarity, a sharper memory and a better ability to focus and concentrate
  • Feeling emotionally more balanced, happier and experiencing more  joy in life Re-gaining access to your natural intuition and expanding your spiritual horizon
  • Improved eyesight
  • The certainty that your way of eating type respects and protects our fellow creatures the animals and planet earth

The good news is that healthy gourmet raw food can be highly versatile, delicious, satisfying and full of variety.  You don´t even have to miss out on your favorite dishes. I can show you healthy ways of making bread, cheese, yogurt, pizza, cakes, ice cream, spaghetti, etc., which are not only delicious , but simply a feast for all the senses! In the raw food kitchen, everything is possible and the sky is the limit! Visit my gallery to get an idea of ​​the incredible variety of gourmet raw food.

I am happy to open up a whole new world of food or you and show you that eating healthily is not bound by limitation, but a vast extension of the joy of eating.

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