Strawberry Bowle

2 hands full of fresh lemon balm (melissa) leaves 
1 hand full of fresh peppermint leaves 
2 tablespoons dried hibiscus 
1 liter hot water 
1 liter warm water 

2 c freshly squeezed orange Juice 
1 c strawberries  
3 tablespoons lemon juice 

2c strawberries, cut small
2 tablespoons lemon balm, cut small 
1 tablespoon fresh peppermint or other mint, cut small
1 tablespoon fresh sweet woodruff, cut small

1. Place the herbs into a jar or bowl, pour the water on top.
2. Cover and let infuse over night. 
3. Next morning, strain through a fine-meshed strainer. 

4. In a blender, blend orange juice, strawberries and lemon juice. Add to the tea  
5. Add cut strawberries and chopped herbs.  
6. Serve chilled.