Meet Gisela

The Glowing Gourmet, that's me, Gisela Bayer.

I’m passionate about sharing my enthusiasm, knowledge, experience and professional skills on how to create a healthy raw food diet with all of you who are interested and open to it.

I was born in a small village near Aschaffenburg/Germany. Even as a child and later as a teenager, I spent many hours in the kitchen experimenting with the colours, shapes, flavours and textures of food. Delicious and beautiful looking food has always fascinated me.

After school, I graduated as a Social Worker and worked for several years with disabled and mentally ill children, adolescents and adults. During a two-year work stay in New Zealand, I got to know Waldorf education and anthroposophy up close and soon knew that I wanted to travel this path more professionally.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Waldorf schools, they are sometimes referred to as Steiner schools and emphasis is placed on a holistic education of the child with head, heart and hand in a very artistic way.

After a multi-faceted training as a Waldorf teacher, I taught for a few years in a Waldorf school in South Africa and then traveled for a year through various countries of southern and eastern Africa with voluntary work in Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Tanzania.
Back in Europe, I taught for a further four years at Waldorf schools in Switzerland.

During my time as a teacher, I could see the profound impact of nutrition on learning and the behaviour of children. It was obvious that children who ate mostly junk food that is full of sugar, white flour and additives, often displayed symptoms such as restlessness (the famous ADD and ADHD syndrome), short concentration spans, quickly changing moods and no interest, but the children with a healthy diet displayed no such symptoms. That gave me food for thought and inspired me to get to the bottom of this phenomenon.

So in 2004, I began a sabbatical year with the aim of learning more about medicinal plants. This led me to study at The Living Centre in Canada. When I arrived, I was initially shocked when Shantree and Lorenna revealed to me that there was only raw vegan food on their menu! Although I had been a vegetarian since I was 24, I absolutely could not imagine living without my beloved yoghurt, cheese, cottage cheese and eggs.... However, when I saw what these two people created every day, my concerns were quickly forgotten.

This vegan gourmet raw food was an explosion of flavour, fragrance, beauty and texture, which was something I had never tasted before! For me, the raw food diet was "love at first bite" and I suddenly became very interested. So it happened that I went from one day as a vegetarian to eating 100% raw food overnight. (I don’t particularly recommend this!)

There at The Living Centre I also did my first juice fast with green juices and water, and experienced very intense detoxification symptoms but after 10 days felt like a new person and my body told me very loud and clear what it wanted to eat and what not. The period after a fast is ideal to introduce new, healthy eating habits. For example, I was craving seaweed, spirulina and kale. All foods that I could not stand before!

During the whole time of my conversion to a raw vegan diet, I observed my physical and mental condition and kept a diary, because I wanted to know what happens when one suddenly doesn´t eat any animal products or cooked food anymore. To my surprise, I experienced only positive changes. My chronic sinusitis, from which I had suffered since childhood, disappeared within a few weeks. My sensitive skin became radiant and clear, I had incredible energy, needed less sleep, my otherwise painful menstruation normalized completely, my myopia improved considerably and I felt much happier and full of joy. In short, I felt as good as never in my life before and since my first day at The Living Centre, I have kept to this energizing way of eating.

Further studies and works led me to The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Arizona where I had more training as a Spiritual Life Food Chef and Instructor and then continued working there for two years as one of the Head Chefs in the café. In this center, directed by Dr. Gabriel Cousens, I was able to have an in-depth experience on the relationship between a healthy diet and health. I was able to see impressive changes and people healing by improving and individualising their diet. There at the Tree of Life, I had the great pleasure of training students from around the world to become gourmet raw food chefs, who afterwards returned to their home countries to share their knowledge and skills and spread the word about raw food.

My planned sabbatical year finally became 8 ½ years, in which I worked in various renowned nutritional and herbal centers in Canada, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Italy, Spain and Portugal, and studied and worked with various teachers, tutors and shamans. All these experiences now feed into my current work. So now, I can pass on my experience, knowledge and skills for a healthy, balanced, individualized raw food diet with great enthusiasm.

I look forward to working with you.

Glowingly yours,