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Travelling in the Raw

Restaurant Ordering Cards in six different languages

Restaurant Ordering Cards in six different languages

Now it´s summertime again and with it time for travelling, sun, recreation, relaxation, the well-deserved holidays!

However, how does one survive as a raw foodie while traveling in foreign lands, where this and this and that is not available? This question I get asked a lot. I myself was travelling for the last 8 ½ years as a 100% raw foodie in different countries and my first spontaneous answer to this question is: "It's all a lot easier than you imagine!" Most potential difficulties are fabricated in the head. If you are open and flexible while travelling, there will always something come your way.

Of course, I didn´t find raw almond butter in Guatemala, no sea spaghetti in Ecuador in the Andes, nor sprouted flax crackers in Honduras, but everywhere colourful markets with an incredible array of every imaginable fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, which made every raw foodie´s heart beat faster. You just have to search a little bit.

The next question is: "How can I find organic fruits and vegetables?" My experience is, that asking at the markets unfortunately hasn´t proven to be very successful as the asked “senses” what the asker wants to hear and answers accordingly.  If my question was. “ Has the produce (hopefully) been sprayed?” I certainly got assured that sí, sí, everything was sprayed thoroughly and I wouldn´t have to worry about any parasites. If I posed the question like: “Has the produce (hopefully not) been  sprayed?” to the same business-minded vendor a week later, I got the answer that sí, sí, all his produce has never seen any chemicals and is 100% “organico”. Well, with this strategy the hunt for organic produce is not very successful.
My much-tested method that has proven to be much more successful is the following: I spy with my trained eagle eyes on the huge markets the small, older women sitting on a blanket on the ground and in front of them small heaps of avocados, oranges, carrots, zapotes or what else they grow at home in their little garden. These nice old ladies (thankfully) have got no money to afford any fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides from Monsanto and Co. and like this, grow everything guaranteed organically. From these women I love purchasing. Often when one has bought “half the blanket” empty, one gets a "blessing for a long, healthy and happy life with many children"  on top of it for free!  



Colourful markets full of delicious fruits and vegetables are available in all countries and I love to wander through them and discover something new.   


Eating Out in the Restaurant

Now how do I take the next hurdle to get my "high gourmet raw food needs" satisfied even when eating out in restaurants abroad? Well even here I have also found a working solution, as I designed  the following Restaurant Ordering Cards and had them translated by friends around the world. This is how it works: Simply hand the appropriate card in the right language to the waiter when ordering with the request to forward it to the cook. He then will know exactly what you want to eat and what you don´t want to eat. Especially the strategically at the end positioned addition "I look forward to your creativity" has proven psychologically very valuable! With such “advanced praise” even the proudest five-star chef leaves no slouch, goes with ambition to work and will creates a raw food feast for eyes and palate! Try it out, it really works!

Since I travel in foreign countries with these ordering cards in tow, the days of boring salads, consisting of lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and onions are a matter of the past and I have enjoyed the most beautiful and delicious raw food creations!

In order for you to be prepared for all holiday destinations, I would like to gift you with these Restaurant Ordering Cards in Six Different Languages.  Simply print them out, have them laminated and  always carry them with you in your wallet when travelling.



Last but not least I would like to share with you my 10 Top-Tips for “Eating Raw While Travelling”

1. Take along a good stack of raw crackers. Those always come in handy.

2.  Sea vegetables like dulse, wakame and sea spaghetti are light, easy to carry, transform any salad into something special and add lots of nutrients.

3.  A packet of raw nori sheets in the backpack has proven to be very useful as you can basically wrap everything into it and so create delicious, varied dishes.

4.  DSO (Dulse/Spirulina/Olive Oil),which has been invented by my colleague Malcolm at the Tree of Life Café, has become one of my oh so delicious and oh so nourishing staples. For this, simply mix equal amounts of dulse flakes and spirulina with olive oil, creating a smooth paste to pour over your salad. Absolutely delicious and addictive! By the way, if you are one of those people that after a hearty meal still craves something sweet, I can only recommend you to try out this DSO.

5.  Peel all fruit that can be peeled, if you are not 100% sure if it is organic. Otherwise soak all fruit and vegetables about 5-10 minutes in clean water with 5-6 drops of grapefruit seed extract  before working with it.

6.  When flying, contact the airline beforehand and order a fruit platter or raw salad.

7.  To travel in style and luxury, the personal blender is a great little machine to make all sorts of different dishes.

8.  Be open for new and unknown things and try them out with curiosity and joy.

9.  Learn a little bit of the language of your host country. This opens the hearts of the people and makes travelling so much easier.

10.Travel with the confidence and certainty that everything you need will always be there in abundance.


Even at the „Gelato World Champion” at San Gimignano/Italy, if you ask politely for a  "gelato senza latte e zucchero" you will be handed a delicious, vegan ice cream.



         Bon Voyage and Buon Appetito!